Rep. Michele Bachmann Forced Off Stage in Charleston, SC.

Bachmann Interrupted at Charelston, SC Speech

Screenshot via MSNBC

On Thursday, November 10, 2011, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared the USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC to deliver a speech on foreign policy where she was verbally forced off stage approximately eight minutes into her address by Charleston supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  After having been escorted off stage by police, her own supporters quieted the protesters by shouting and chanting “USA, USA.”  The protesters left on their own accord and Bachmann reappeared on stage moments later, asking, “Don’t you love the First Amendment?”
According to, Occupy Charleston offered this press release shortly after the event:

“Today Occupy Charleston invoked the first amendment at a speech by presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. Together in unison we took advantage of the moment to address the system and the people within it as to the unjust role of corporate money in politics. Michele Bachmann was not our target in this action; she is a representative of the institutional and legal corruption that has infected our country – a system of corruption that values profit over people and is driven by the financial interest of the few against the many.”

You can find WCBD TV’s news coverage of the event here:  Occupy Charleston Protestors Take Over Bachmann’s Speech

More sources here:  Occupy Charleston Occupies Local Bachmann Event  ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Interrupt Bachmann Speech  Occupy Protesters Interrupt Michele Bachmann Speech in South Carolina

Post Author:  Rebecca Williams


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