Demonstration on Morgan Square July 2nd

Occupy Spartanburg is demonstrating on Morgan Square from 5 to 8pm on Monday, July 2nd.

Our group has been small…if you can come show your support for even 15 minutes it would mean so much!  We will hold a General Assembly during the demonstration where you can learn about what your local Occupy has been up to….you may be surprised!  The Working Group has written a resolution to present to County Council encouraging them to support an amendment overturning the Citizens United ruling, which gives corporations unlimited access to buy our elected representatives.  You may have heard of it as “corporations are people.”  There will be a petition coming out soon to gather citizen/voter support to show our council people that their constituents do not want corporations having more influence on our election process than voters.    Spartanburg is not alone in this effort – hundreds of towns, various counties and 6 states  have already passed resolutions like this.  Check out to see for yourselves.  If/when  the issue becomes a potential constitutional amendment, the states will need to see that their citizens support it.
Come to Morgan Square on Monday, July 2nd to learn more and have YOUR voice heard too! Plus, there may be live music!
Thanks for your support!

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