Next General Asssembly

THE NEXT MEETING of Occupy Spartanburg is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21st at 6pm in the side room of Delaney’s.


Notes from 1/3/13 meeting at Delaney’s

Thanks to all who came!
It was an informal meeting but I have some notes to share about some brainstorming we did.
– Ready to begin demonstrating again?
Some place with more poplulation/traffic?
Blackstock/WO Ezell corner by the mall? (is that in the city or the county?  Do we need a permit in the county? – if anyone knows the answer to this, please respond!)
Smaller towns where we may be more noticed?
290/Groce road in Duncan near the schools?  Mike offered to find out if we need a permit there
– Is there a better way to communicate with our “members?” Email and facebook don’t seem to generate much feedback.  Tina mentioned texting….if you’d rather get texts, please send us your number and let us know!
– Might Political Science students get credit for helping organize something in coordination with us?
– Different outreach/actions
protest Advance America?  get someone to volunteer to apply for/get all the paperwork associated with one of these horrendous loans and expose it to media outlets
Occupy the Debt?
Prevent a foreclosure?
Raise money for Rolling Jubilee (OWS’s “people’s bailout”)
Nuclear power plant troubles – team up with Occupy Greenville?
– We have 313 signatures on our petition for county council about Citizens United and will be moving forward with making appointments with our reps…while continuing to gather signatures if we have an opportunity b/c we have no idea how long it will take to get appointments with our reps. (Judy mentioned One Billion Rising is meeting locally on Feb. 14)
THE NEXT MEETING is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21st at 6pm in the side room of Delaney’s.  Please put some thought into the above ideas between now and then, do a bit of research, and bring what you learn to the next meeting!
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