About Occupy Spartanburg

Occupy Spartanburg is a patriotic local community in support of the now widespread initiative demanding accountability and integrity from those which we elect to represent us in our endeavor of a government that is truly “by the people, for the people.”


You are invited to join in the conversation.

Occupy Spartanburg is a leaderless, fledgling, grassroots initiative. Our members are a diverse group of American citizens who have joined together to bring attention to the concerns of the 99%.
We are not aligned with any other organization and resist all attempts by any special interest group to forward their agenda through the Occupy Movement.

This website was created to provide a repository for credible, independent, non-partisan resources and give voice to the concerns of citizens. It is not our intent to develop policy or endorse candidates.

It is our obligation, to those who founded this great nation, to do our homework, think critically, and be active in our government. It is our collective responsibility, as Americans, to carry the torch of liberty forward.
We will fumble, but our cause is noble, to demand that the voices of every American be heard. The challenges of our nation cannot be addressed by choosing sides or explained in sound bites. No one organization has all the answers; we must work together. The inflammatory rhetoric that has divided us must be set aside and replaced with passionate discourse if we are to meet the challenges before our nation.

Let’s be a part of the solution.


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