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Sunday’s letters: Citizens United ruling

Published: Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 3:15 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, July 6, 2012 at 4:31 p.m.

Election-year fundraising is in full swing, with super PACs supporting both parties taking in stupendous amounts of unregulated, undisclosed money. If we are to preserve the integrity of our electoral system, the American voters are going to have to unite against the Citizens United ruling. In short, this U.S. Supreme Court ruling stated that corporations are people and that unlimited donations to super PACs are protected as free speech.

Clearly, corporations are not people, and corporate and union donations are not speech. The American people cannot depend on nor wait for the Supreme Court to see the grave results of its misguided ruling.

Efforts are being made in Congress. Most important, localities throughout the country are speaking out, sending a clear message to politicians that we will not accept the status quo of unlimited corporate donations to super PACs destroying the integrity of our electoral process and drowning out the voices of ordinary voters. This is a nonpartisan concern. Everyone who cares about this country should join in.

Local citizens are petitioning our own Spartanburg County Council to adopt a resolution against Citizens United. They will be joining several cities and counties in neighboring North Carolina and all across the country. For an up-to-date look at how many states, counties, cities and even small towns have passed resolutions against Citizens United, check out movetoamend.org/resolutions.

I hope local citizens will inform themselves about this issue and sign this locally generated petition. If enough citizens unite and speak out, this unfortunate ruling can be undone. It is up to us, the citizens and voters, to see that the repeal of Citizens United is accomplished.

Michael and

Doris Wilson Johnson



Cymbala, a poem by Tom W.

Restless legs, sleepless nights
we got stuff
that’ll set you right.

But if you use
a natural cure
We’ll ban ’em all, rest assured

Sore throat or heart attack
This lil pill
will get you back on track

You say our stuffs bad
and you go astray
We’ll put our guys in the FDA.

Side effects include
dizzyness, suicidal mood
Difficulty catching your breath
and in some cases…..Death.

With our high tech
we can feed the planet
Take a big bite of our pomegranate.

If our GMO contaminates your crops
We’ll sue your ass
and send in the black ops.

If your’e feeling down
and a bit depressed
Take our cure, and you’ll be at your best.

If you sue us cuz
you get sick from our wares
The judge and Jury has the controlling shares

Side effects include
dizzyness, suicidal mood
Difficulty catching your breath
and in some cases…..Death


a poem by Tom W.

They gather in secret
behind closed doors
And decide which leaders
will be their whores.

Which senator will
be paid off
What governer will
feed at their trough.

you think you know who they
They think the big wigs
are the 99%

They ruled that they all
have a soul.
But they profit off the
planned debt hole.

“Spartanburg is Currently Occupied” by Bryan Teague

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread like wildfire all over the nation, and Spartanburg is no exception to these flames of political dissent. It didn’t take long before our very own Morgan Square became occupied.

What is it all about? What’s the message? Good question. In truth, each individual has their own reasons to be out in the city square voicing their political frustrations. The main thing one hears is the need to keep corporate special interests from influencing politicians. The income and taxation gap between the mega-rich and the rest of us is a highlighted topic as well. The other topics are as numerous as the participants, and all well worth a listen.

Locally, the lack of central leadership could be seen as a curse and a blessing in this fledgling operation. It makes it very difficult to summarize itself in a way that seems fair to all the participants. The wide variety of political ideals, philosophies, and moral constructs offer about as diverse a group as one could imagine. While it is inclusive to that extent, keeping everyone happy about what direction to take, and how to get there will be a hard road to travel.

The main thing is that people are standing up for their beliefs, whatever those beliefs may be. United in the fact that government has lost sight of why it was created in the first place, to benefit the people.

In this day and age when social and economic calamity seems commonplace, it’s encouraging that individuals are poised to stand up and peacefully assert themselves. The power of calling together the 99% is a lot more than just a slogan; it’s a revolution.

Post Author:  Bryan Teague

Posted by:  Rebecca Williams

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