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  1. Jay F. Gypsy says:
    America’s Future: Read and Respond Please forward-Print and distribute-Send a couple of copies to your Congressman or Representative and everybody else you know. A). INDEX: B). Preamble C). Institute a Flat Rate Tax, Eliminate the Tax Return and Restructure the I.R.S. D). Make All Hospitals “ZERO PROFIT” E). Make It Illegal to Advertise Prescription Drugs F). Create National Pension Fund, Illegal to Invest Retirement in Stock Market G). Restructure Social Security and Food Stamps H). Restructure Bank Loans and Credit Cards I). Institute Real Election Reform and Set Congressional Pay and Work Schedule J). Restructure the Insurance Industry K). Education, Colleges and Universities L). Restructure the Prison Industrial Complex M). Legalize Hemp and Endorse the Proliferation of Hemp Based Product (With an environmental footnote) N). Lower the Drinking Age and Legalize ALL Narcotics O). Military and Pentagon P). Jobs (?) Q). Pet Peeves R). Post-amble B). PREAMBLE The first thing I’m going to say is that I am not a politician, I am not an Educator or a scientist, I’m not a Doctor or a Lawyer or an Indian Chief. I’m NOT a Republican or a Democrat or of the Green Party or the Tea Party! I’m just an Earthling and refuse to give myself any title to life that is more restricting than that. The world is way too small today to limit your self any farther. I’m just a concerned citizen who believes in the greatest good for the greatest number ever if it goes against what I want, personally. That being said, you are about to read (I hope) the ramblings of a sane(?) mind that constitute an overview of the thing that I see that I think need to be fixed and my ideas of how to fix them. None of this is to be taken as the perfect solution to any of these problems, nor is any of this meant to be a fully detailed accounting of any of these issues. I have a fully detailed presentation in my head for most of the issues presented below, if you’d care to hear any of them at length but, I’m going to cover a lot of topics over the course of this dissertation so, I tried to keep each article as short as possible. I fully believe that if America changed the things that I point out below, in the way I’ve suggested, all at the same time, we would have a better country and have a better chance for prosperity for every American. “We THE PEOPLE, in order to form a more perfect UNION!!!… Yes, I know that that is not what the Founding Fathers intended but, I fully believe that if the Government sector and the Industries and Corporations were required by law, as supported by “NATIONAL WAGE ENFORCEMENT” (SEE: sec. P.) to set pay grades for all levels of employment for Politicians, Government employees, Educators, Medical professionals, and any other “Public Sector” employees, as well as, all Corporation and Industry employee levels, America would become the “UNION” it was intended to be. I feel that in all of these employment positions there should be a SET National Scale with SET vacation time, sick leave, etc… All of the things that the Labor Unions have had to fight and beg for. Just to get what’s fair; what’s right. Please respond to this vigorously and vocally to any or all of what you’re about to read. I want everybody to hear your opinion!!! I firmly believe that we, as a Country, should return to what The Founding Fathers intended…EQUALITY for ALL Americans and PROTECTION from “Big Government” and “The Wealthy”. If we can’t get there in a responsible, logical fashion then, I openly advocate doing the same things The Founding Fathers did to, “…protect our freedoms and our liberties, for ourselves and OUR POSTERITY…”. On that note… I hope this proves to be exiting reading; I hope it stirs up the whole country and gets people thinking and talking and aggressively pursuing change instead of just lying there and taking it the way we have for the last thirty-five (35) years. Enjoy your read… C). INSTITUTE A FLAT RATE TAX, ELIMINATE THE TAX RETURN AND RESTRUCTURE THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE C:1). 10% of the gross amount of ALL pay checks will be forwarded to the hospital located closest to the business where the check originates. Corporations or any other business that has state wide, region wide, or nation wide employment will send the withholdings of all the employees who reside in a given state, to the State Hospital Fund of each state where they have employees. Since the hospitals have become “ZERO PROFIT”, since the insurance companies are out of the picture and since the Social Security offices have moved into the Hospital environs, it becomes most appropriate for the hospital itself to collect the money that is designated for the hospitals and Social Security. C:2). Each hospital would be responsible for re-distributing the revenue collected. 50% of the revenue would be placed directly into the STATE SOCIAL SECURITY FUND, (S.S.S.F.). ALL AMERICANS WILL PAY 5% OF THEIR INCOME TO THE S.S.S.F. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU MAKE!!!!! (also SEE: sec.G) C:3). The other 50% would be used to pay the operating costs of the Hospital, i.e., all medical supplies, utilities and salaries and all of the operating cost of the satellite medical offices in that hospitals region,(medical, mental and dental) and the supplies and salaries of the Social Security office in the hospital. (SEE: SEC. D) C:4). 10% of the gross amount of ALL pay checks will be forwarded to the Federal Government. ANY SHORTAGES IN “THE NATIONAL HOSPITAL FUND” WILL BE PAID FIRST AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CAN NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ANY OF THEIR TAX REVENUES UNTIL IT IS PAID!!! They no longer have to pay for medical coverage for any of their employees, nor do they have to pay the exorbitant amount of money for tax return season so 10% should be more than they need to do all the things I don’t approve of. (SEE sec. D:10). C:5). 5% of the gross amount of ALL pay checks will be forwarded to the coffers of the State where the employee lives. Again, since the States no longer have to pay for medical coverage for any of their employees, nor do they have to pay any amount of money for tax return season, 5% should be more than they need. C:6). 5% of the gross amount of ALL pay checks will be forwarded to the NATIONAL PENSION FUND, (N.P.F.). Any person who wants to assign more of their pay to their Pension Fund may do so at their discretion. All withholdings will be recorded in your Pension Account and will increase the amount of pay out at the time of your retirement. C:7). All employers will be authorized and requires to collect these withholdings and distribute them accordingly. All business owners will also be required to pay a matching fee of 50% of each of the withholdings collected and forward those moneys to their four appropriate destinations; Hospital, Federal, State and National Pension Fund. Businesses are not required to match any extra funds withheld for the N.P.F., (more than 5%), contributed by their employees. (SEE sec. F) C:8). All persons who are self employed will be required to submit a withholdings form listing your income for that month along with a payment of 10% of the gross of that income to the hospital nearest your business; likewise, you will submit a withholdings form listing your income for a month along with a payment of 10% of the gross of that income to the Federal Government, a withholdings form and 5% to state government and a withholdings form and 5% to the National Pension Fund. C:9). Payment schedules will be adjusted for Ranchers, Farmers, Fisherman or any other income that is based on “Harvest” as that the percentage payments will be due at the time of harvest. Those persons who are self employed will not match their own deductions, but will still be required to match the income of any employee who has his taxes withdrawn by the employer. Persons filing a 1099 will be required to pay their own deductions. C:10). There will be a NATIONAL SALES TAX of 5% on all every day commodities, there will be a NATIONAL LUXURY TAX of 7.5% on all luxuries and there will be a NATIONAL PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX at a rate of 2.5% of the purcgase price annually. (I’m NOT completely happy with this because I haven’t done the math yet) C:11). Real Estate taxes for PRIMARY RESIDENCES will be set at a rate of .66% of the valuation of the property as determined by purchase price and adjacent property values with an understanding that the tax assessed on any person’s primary residence will stop increasing after fifteen (15) years and will stay at that rate for the entirety of ownership. If, after thirty years of ownership the person wants to pass that property to an IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER AS A PRIMARY RESIDENCE, the tax rate will remain frozen at the previous owners’ rate for a period of ten (10) years. After ten (10) years the tax rate will increase to the median between the tax rate of the previous owner and the tax rate that it would have been at the time of purchase. After twenty (20) years the tax rate will increase to the level that it would have been at the time of purchase and will remain frozen for the duration of ownership. If property values drop due to recession or other financial degradation the tax rate for the PRIMARY RESIDENCE will be reduced by an amount that reflects the downturn in property values. (NOTE: PRIMARY RESIDENCE does not apply to properties over $1,000,000 but, there will be an exemption granted for Ranch Land, Farm Land, Private Timber Reserves, etc…) C:12). SECONDARY PROPERTIES will be taxed at a rate that is double the tax rate for PRIMARY RESIDENCES and will enjoy NO tax freeze benefits as it is a SECONDARY PROPERTY, nor will a SECONDARY PROPERTY have its tax rate reduced as a result of any recessionary activity or changes in the property values. If that property has been owned for fifteen (15) years and becomes the PRIMARY RESIDENCE of the owner the tax rate for that property will be reduced to the level of a PRIMARY RESIDENCE at the time residency is established and will remain frozen at that rate for the entirety of ownership. The same formula will be followed if the owner sells that property to an IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER as a PRIMARY RESIDENCE, with the time frame of the twenty (20) year clause deriving from the original purchase. C:13). PROFIT TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!! ALL corporate employees and management, including CEO’s and owners, will issue themselves a paycheck to be taxed at the same rate as their employees; i.e., a total of 30% in deductions. The company or Corporation or employing entity will file a profit report declaring their gross profit for the week, month, or year before the stockholders get their dividends. 30% of the gross profits of the company, Corporation, or employing entity will be distributed equally between ALL of the employees of that entity before the stockholders or any other entity gets their payout. Each employee’s share of the 30% “bonus” will be taxed at the same 30% rate as any other income. Further, ALL companies with employees in the United States will have an office in the United States and the required thirty percent (30%) of profits from that companies’ U.S. business dealings will be distributed among that companies’ U.S. employees BEFORE that profit leaves the country or gets distributed to stock holders or any other entity including the United States Government. PROFIT TO THE PEOPLE!!! THEY COME FIRST!!!!!! C:14). THAT’S IT!!! You file no tax returns— you get no money back!!! All of your taxes are paid, all of your medical, mental and dental are paid, your Social Security obligations are paid, guaranteeing you a Social Security check of at least 150% of the poverty level (SEE: sec. G) and you will be guaranteed a pension check bases on how much you paid in. (SEE: sec.F) C:15). With the shift of the revenue flow and no more tax returns the I.R.S. will be scaled back drastically but, it will still be a vital part of our society. The I.R.S. can now implement and execute a program of fairness whereas the auditors can begin doing more intense investigations of the wealthy and super wealthy to make sure that they are paying their fair share and politicians and their associates and interests, to make sure that there is no hanky-panky goin’ on. The mid-level employees who have been responsible for making sure that all workers and businesses are in the system and making their contributions will continue to do their jobs much the same way except that the money will be coming from a different direction and all of the employees who just lost their position with the I.R.S. can be instantly re-employed at the hospital level or State level processing the same type of information and incoming revenues that they are already trained to process. D). MAKE ALL HOSPITALS “ZERO PROFIT” AND RELOCATE THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICES TO THE HOSPITALS. I). HOSPITAL: D-I:1). Medical care should cease to be a for profit industry; it should not be an industry at all. All Medical, Mental and Dental care, INCLUDING DRUG REHABILITATION, should be transferred to the DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL HEALTH, with ALL health care being routed through the local hospitals with equipment, supplies and salaries being paid by a voucher system through the local hospital. D-I:2). All Medical Professionals will primarily work for the DEPT. OF NATIONAL HEALTH but will still have their private practices. The D.N.H. will only concern themselves with the health and well being of ALL Americans, i.e. keeping them alive and healthy. To that end, the D.N.H. will institute a national hourly wage for ALL Medical Professionals including, but not limited to: Surgeons, Doctors, General Practitioners, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, Nurses Aides, Dietitians, Physical Therapists and any other Medical Professional position. This will be a National Scale for all Medical Professional while they are doing any work that falls under the heading of NATIONAL HEALTH. There will be NO Governmental fee control placed on work done as “vanity” or “elective”. D-I:3). Under this plan, ALL of your medical costs for necessary medical treatment will be covered. There will be a national campaign for preventative care starting at your family or general practitioner. All Americans will be encouraged to see their physician for regular check-ups and assistance with a pro-active, pro-health life style. The same goes for Mental, Dental and Substance abuse, or any other area of medicine where preventative care will make everything easier and cheaper for everyone in the long run. D-I:4). All drug and alcohol abuse programs will be run by the Hospitals. Since today’s biggest addiction is from Pharmaceutical medication, I think it’s only fair that the Hospitals take responsibility for what they’ve created. Every doctor knows that, even if it’s some octogenarian who is being prescribed these medications, there is a significant chance that those medications are going to end up on the streets being abused so I therefore propose that every Medical Professional be required to spend some portion of their schedule, maybe four hours a week, working with addicts. Hopefully, if they see what they are causing, up-close and personal, they won’t be so quick to prescribe the garbage they have been pushing. D-I:5). If a Medical Professional has a practice outside the hospital environs, that professional will see and treat patients the same as always with the exception that, after service has been rendered, the Professional will submit an invoice containing the amount of time spent on the patient: the supplies have been instantly re-ordered. The local hospital will reimburse that Professional for their hours and re-supply that Professional with the supplies used; there will be no bill or money due for D.N.H. work. If that Medical Professional does “Elective or Vanity” treatments on a patient, the bill for the doctor’s time goes to the patient or to the “Insurance Union”. All supplies for “Elective or Vanity” procedures will be requisitioned from the local hospital AT COST. The D.N.H. will order ALL supplies and distribute them to ALL Medical Professionals at the cost of bulk supplies plus shipping; NO MARK UP AT ALL!!! D-I:6). The ordering and re-supply will NOT be run by a government agency, as such. The monumental task of keeping all of Americas hospitals supplied will be given to a U.P.S./FED-EX type of distribution service with the point-of-sale (P.O.S.) scanners and distribution routes already established. This will be another “ZERO PROFIT” enterprise with the employees being paid from D.N.H. revenues. When there is any patient interaction at the hospital or doctor’s office that involves ANY medical supplies, the medical professional will complete their treatment of the patient then use their P.O.S. scanner to “beep” the bar code on the patient’s chart then “beep” the wrapper(s) or container(s) of each and every medical supply used and those supplies will be automatically re-ordered from “central supply”. The information will automatically be entered in the patient’s “file” making an instant record of supply usage that can be easily reviewed to gage overages and/or waste. D-I:7). At the end of each month, or whenever operating expenses come due, the Professional will submit those expenses to the same local hospital for payment or reimbursement; likewise, any equipment, machinery, or hardware necessary for the operation of that Professional’s practice will be requisitioned from the same local hospital as those things are needed. The same procedures will apply for repairs, improvements, modifications or replacement of the equipment used by that Professional. D-I:8). All of those jobs at the hospital that have to do with paperwork, supply, re-supply and general support will be organized to where each job is the same at every hospital and each employee does their job in the same way as every other employee in their position at every hospital. D-I:9). Those Medical Professionals working outside of the hospital environs, i.e. off campus, will be responsible for their own rents, utilities and other expenses associated with operating a private office. Hospitals should take the initiative to try to create a “Medical Park” that is attached to the hospital or, in rural areas, possibly a “Medical Park” in a satellite area closer to the populace, where Medical Professionals will have access to offices at a reduced rate because they are directly connected to the hospital. D-I:10). Those hospitals that are in a high business area will take in revenues exceeding what is needed to operate their facility and therefore will have a surplus that will be sent to the STATE HOSPITAL FUND, (S.H.F.); Those hospitals that are located in a reduced business area will have a lower revenue base and will therefore draw funds, if necessary, from the S.H.F. to pay their operating costs. All moneys collected by each S.H.F. in surplus of their financial requirements, (including medical equipment, etc…), will be sent to a REGIONAL HOSPITAL FUND, (R.H.F.). All shortages in the S.H.F. will be drawn from the R.H.F. to pay their expenditures. The surplus from the R.H.F. will be forwarded to the NATIONAL HOSPITAL FUND, (N.H.F.), and all shortages will be drawn from the N.H.F. Any and all shortages of the N.H.F. will be paid by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, out of their tax revenues and those SHORTAGES WILL BE PAID FIRST before the federal government gets ANY of their tax money. D-I:11). The Government will also institute a policy of tuition deferral. This policy is, essentially, a grant of sorts available to any High School graduate with high enough test scores and GPA to qualify for a HIGHER EDUCATION GRANT. The H.E.G. will give qualifying students free admission to medical school on the condition that, upon graduation from medical school, the student will take placement as an intern and then position at a hospital for a set, reduced salary. (SEE: sec K) D-I:12). Vanity or Elective practices and procedures, i.e. Plastic surgery, prostheses’, reconstructions, scar removals, etc… will be the responsibility of the patient and can be covered by “Vanity Insurance”, or be paid, “out of pocket”. In other words, if you were in a car wreck and you broke your leg and smashed up your face, the hospital will keep you alive, set your leg, set your face, suture any holes or openings and give you whatever care is required to help you heal and return to your life. If you want the scars on your leg or face removed or you want your facial bones manipulated to minimize the effects of the injury or the scarring, you must pay for that yourself. If the patient has breast cancer the hospital will provide medical attention, preventative treatments, chemotherapy, a mastectomy if necessary and ALL follow up care, but if you want prosthesis implanted or scar tissue removed, for your own piece of mind, then it will be covered by, “Vanity Insurance”, or it will come from your own pocket. D-I:13). The same attitude will prevail for “Elective surgeries or procedures”. Nose jobs, breast enhancements and other vanity procedures will be covered by “Vanity Insurance” or paid for by the patient. Dental procedures will follow the same rules, i.e. preventative, routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, root canal, all preventative dental work is already paid for by your medical withholdings. If the tooth can’t be saved it can’t be saved and any crowns, caps, implants, partials or dentures will be the responsibility of the patient. (Another Million dollar idea: Make a small Titanium or stainless steel screw similar to a duct work screw with threads of a size to grab firmly into the Maxilla or Mandible without weakening the bone. The shaft will have an hour glass shape that will allow the gums to form to the shaft in the same manner as your natural teeth do. The head of the “tooth” would be hexagonal (six (6) sided) for the molars and bicuspits, male-phillip’s head for the Canines and male slotted for the incisors. pull the tooth, drill the pilot hole, screw in the “tooth”, DONE! These could be made available to Prisoners, Welfare Recipients, Low Income, etc… as they have reduced incomes or other financial shortcomings and can’t afford “Vanity Insurance” and would also be available to the general public, at the time of extraction, free of charge, if they so desire.) II). SOCIAL SECURITY: DII:1). All Social Security Offices will be abandoned and the operation of those offices will move to the hospital(s) in their region, having the dual effects of one, everyone having a social security office no farther away than the closest hospital and second, having the medical services of every client be directly attached to the Social Security Office. DII:2). In urban areas you probably won’t see much difference other than the social security office breaks apart and now has several different addresses; go to the closest hospital and take care of all of your S.S.I. issues. In rural areas the big difference will be, not having to drive for hours to reach an S.S.I. office. The larger, urban center based S.S.I. offices will close and the hospital closest to your home will have (an) S.S.I. case worker(s). DII:3). The other benefit of this switch is obvious; either you are an older American who has earned your retirement benefits or you are a person who has a medical or mental reason for receiving a Social Security Check. If you of the former group, you probably only need to do a little paperwork now and then, or talk to your case worker, so theirs no reason to make you drive for hours for what might be a ten minute meeting. If, on the other hand, you are of the latter crowd it really couldn’t be any simpler than to have your medical professional in the same building as the people to whom you are trying to verify a disability. This brings the whole process into one building eliminating wasted time, wasted effort, duplication, un-necessary delays and undue stress and pressure on the client/patient. E: MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO ADVERTISE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS E:1). A Person’s medical and mental health and the treatment thereof are the business of the patient and their physician and should NEVER be dictated by television commercials or magazine advertisements. Just a few years ago the news reported that the pharmaceutical companies spent $1.3 billion on research and development and they spent $3.4 billion on advertisements. Why do prescription drugs cost so much??? E:2). The essence of this section is that the Government has assisted the Pharmaceutical Companies (Pharms) in getting a large number of Americans hooked on prescription medication that they didn’t need to begin with, that cause numerous other problems that the person didn’t have to begin with, and now they need some other pill to counter the effects of the last pill they took, which causes a lot more side effects but… THERE’S A PILL FOR THAT!!! See where this is going? The Pharms openly acknowledge that they are creating “medicines” to help you LIVE WITH your illness. But they’re NOT trying to cure it!!! E:3). The Pharms are NEVER going to even try to find the cure for anything because there is no money in the cure, the money is in the come back… every good DOPE DEALER knows that. The disgusting part is that the F.D.A. has been in cahoots with the Pharms the whole time taking kick backs for approving drugs that are, really, NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. I understand that this is the land of the frivolous law suit but it still effects me when I see an add for a class action law suit with the phone number: 1-800-BAD-DRUGS, listing a number of regularly prescribed medications, or see an advertisement for a type of birth control followed by an ad for a class action law suit against THAT SAME DRUG. E:4). I profess that with the Hospital’s being “ZERO PROFIT” and the Government’s requirement to pay out any shortages in the N.H.F. FIRST! (SEE sec. D) The government will begin looking for ways to lower their expenses. If the Government has to pay the bill the Government will insist on lower cost medications that ACTUALLY WORK and may even insist that the Pharms actually, god forbid, CURE SOMETHING!!! E:5). The Government needs to step in and force the Pharms to quit pilling out America. In 1989 approximately one in sixty four (1in64) Americans were on a daily prescription drug; now it’s one in five (1in5). The drugs that the people are taking pass through their body’s and end up right back in our drinking water because water treatment techniques don’t filter out those chemicals (maybe on purpose) and you and I end up taking whatever drug our next door neighbor took last month; we just had to wait for it to go full circle, back into our drinking water. New York City tap water has been through the human body approximately seven (7) times. All municipalities need to create evaporation type distillation units that actually clean our water instead of using aluminum based purification systems (don’t even get me started on aluminum!). E:6). The Government aids and abets the Pharms for money, power, control but, if you want to impress me…CURE SOMETHING!!!! To that end I suggest that the Government split the Food and Drug administration. The “food” will go to The Department of Agriculture, (duh!) and the “drug” will be transferred to “THE NATIONAL HEALTH LABORATORY” which will be a laboratory where the Pharms submit there product and research so that their procedures and tests can be replicated by the N.H.L. to see if the drug they’ve submitted has any analgesic effect, side effects, unwanted effects, or if it does any of the things that the Pharms claim it does. It should be understood from the outset that the N.H.L. will NOT be burdened with a new kind of aspirin, or a new antacid. The N.H.L. will revue, test, and grade those kinds of things but, they will be mainly concerned with trying to find CURES FOR DISEASES. All other submissions will go to the bottom of the priority list. F). CREATE A NATIONAL PENSION FUND AND MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO INVEST RETIREMENT MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET, OR IN ANY OTHER VARIABLE INVESTMENT. F:1). The Federal Government needs to institute a NATIONAL PENSION FUND into which ALL Americans pay in a minimum of 5% of their gross income on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. These withholdings will be directly withdrawn from your paycheck by the employer in the same manner that taxes are withheld now. F:2). The employer will match these withholdings at a rate of 50% of the employee’s contribution. The employer will then forward those withholdings to the N.P.F. Any person who wants to assign more of their pay to their Pension Fund may do so at their discretion. All withholdings will be recorded in your Pension Account and will increase the amount of pay out at the time of your retirement. F:3). Any person who is self employed will be required to file a withholdings form and pay 5% of that months’ income to the N.P.F. on a monthly basis.Those persons who are self employed will not match their own deductions, but will still be required to match the income of any employee who has their taxes withdrawn by the employer. Persons filing a 1099 will be required to pay their own deductions. F:4). Payment schedules will be adjusted for Ranchers, Farmers, Fisherman or any other income that is based on “Harvest” as that the percentage payments will be due at the time of harvest. F:5). Persons who make in excess of one hundred fifty thousand dollars, ($150,000) a year will only be required to pay the five percent (5%) withholding on the first one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) they earn in a fiscal year. While those people are not required by law to pay into the N.P.F. for the rest of their income, they are welcome to contribute a higher withholding or have withholdings taken out of income over $150,000 if they choose, so as to increase the amount of pension they receive at the time of their retirement. Employers are NOT required to match any withholdings voluntarily contributed to the N.P.F. by their employees over the $150,000 limit, or over the 5% required by law. F:6). The N.P.F. will be modeled after the railroad Pension funds. You will pay into the pension fund at every payday, your contribution will be matched at a rate of 50% by your employer and you will have a retirement fund available to you when you turn sixty five (65). When you pass away your pension fund will be automatically awarded to your spouse or legal co-habitant/partner for the duration of their life. If you pass away with no spouse or legal co-habitant/partner you Pension Fund moneys will be reabsorbed into the N.P.F. and be redistributed. The N.P.F. will also pay for BASIC funeral/burial expenses or cremation if other arrangements have not been made. F:7). This addition to the national safety net will ensure that ALL Americans who have worked, even if it has been at several different jobs over the course of your life time, will have a pension to assist them in their retirement and security for their spouse/partner. Every hour that you work will give you something later. G). RESTRUCTURE SOCIAL SECURITY AND FOOD STAMPS I). SOCIAL SECURITY: GI:1). Social Security was created as assistance to the American people to ease the difficulties of growing old, loss of employment or employ-ability, and as a safety net for those persons unlucky enough to have a life changing experience that leaves them in need of assistance. I have full faith that the title, “Social Security” was intended to be specifically descriptive; i.e. “SOCIAL” every body, “SECURITY” safety. To me, that means that everybody pitches in to make sure that everybody is taken care of and, by golly, that’s the way it should work. GI:2). ALL AMERICANS will pay 5% OF THEIR INCOME to the State Social Security Fund in their state. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU MAKE!!! Donald Trump, The Georges Bush, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, ALL OF THEM!!! Those persons who, at the time of retirement, have a net worth of one million dollars ($1,000,000) or more, including real estate (with exemptions for Farm Land, Ranch Land, Reserved Forests, etc…) personal property, stocks, bonds, and liquid assets WILL NOT RECEIVE A SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK!!!!! They will, however, still receive the moneys that they paid into the NATIONAL PENSION FUND. GI:3). All Americans, at the time of their retirement (age to be determined) will begin receiving their social security benefits. These will consist of a Social Security Check equaling one (1) months worth of an annual income of one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the national poverty level and Food Stamps each month totaling fifteen percent (15%) of your monthly income. In today’s financial climate, that would mean an approximate annual income of seventeen thousand dollars ($17,000). That money would be distributed as monthly payments of fourteen hundred dollars ($1,400) and the retiree’s Food Stamps would total approximately two hundred dollars ($200) per month. GI:4). With the changes in the system all taking place at the same time and with most clients having “Direct Deposit” there is NO REASON not to change the check payment schedule to twice a month; on the first (1st) and the fifteenth (15th) of each month making survival a lot easier for those people who live their lives waiting for their check. GI:5). YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE MORE SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS OR FOOD STAMPS FOR ANY REASON!!! The client’s benefits can only be reduced if the Client’s income and possessions increase to a net worth of one million dollars ($1,000,000) or more (excluding Farm Land, Ranch Land, Reserved Forest Land, etc…), in which case, a fourteen hundred dollar ($1,400) a month check should be negligible as an income. GI:6) If you are on Disability you will receive one of three (3) levels of payment: 1) Full Disability = 150% of the National Poverty Level 2) Partial Disability = National Minimum Wage 3) Mild Disability = National Poverty Level You WILL NOT get paid more to sit around than you would get to work. You will intentionally be paid less to motivate you to improve your situation. YOU ARE NOT ON VACATION… YOU ARE ON WELFARE!!! II). FOOD STAMPS: GII:1). If you are a retirement S.S.I. recipient you will receive “Food Stamps” that are used the same way that you use them now with no restrictions except for those that are presently in place, i.e. alcohol, prepared foods, pet food, etc… GII:2). Food Stamps will have a new counter part called, “STAPLES STAMPS”, and will no longer be used as one more way to increase the obesity of the American people. If you are pre-retirement and receiving food stamps, whether as a part of S.S.I., S.S.D., or just as an assistance, you will now receive “Staples Stamps” and will not be able to purchase a large number of food items, (see #5). Your “Staples Stamps” will be essentially a voucher that allows you to receive “Staples” by a set quantity instead of by a dollar amount. Your “Staples Card” will allow you the following items twice a month; once between the first (1st) and the fifteenth (15th) of the month and once between the fifteenth (15th) and the end of the month. The list is as follows: 5lbs. Sugar 10lbs. Potatoes 2lbs. Powered Milk 5lbs. flour 5lbs. Rice 2lbs. Butter 2lbs. Corn Meal 5lbs. Onions 2lbs. Cheese 2lbs. Oats 2hds. Cabbage 1lbs. Salt Bread of some sort And Peanut Butter (NOT an actual accounting. Actual list could have adjustments) GII:3). Each recipient of “Staples Stamps” will also receive, twice a month, a twenty dollar ($20.00) credit for meat and a ten dollar ($10) credit for “Personals”. The “Personals” will be limited to Body soap, shampoo, tooth paste, fem-hyg, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, bleach, toilet paper and paper towels. GII:4). In addition to the “Staples” and the “meat and Soap” credits, The person receiving “Staples Stamps” will receive an additional allowance of fifty “food” dollars ($50) per month for other purchases that are allowed by “Staples Stamps” (see the following). GII:5). You will no longer be allowed to purchase candy, cookies or sweets in general but, you will be allowed to buy all of the mixes or ingredients for whatever you want to make for yourself. You will no longer be allowed to purchase soda, sweetened drinks, energy drinks, pre-bottled beverages with moderate to high sugar or corn syrup levels but, you can buy tea bags, frozen concentrate juices, fruit juices, drink mixes (kool-ade, hot chocolate, etc…) but, NOT WATER (The American People are paying for you to eat and WILL NOT allow you to pay $1.50 or more for Pittsburgh tap water; if you want water, get it out of your faucet at your house!). You will no longer be allowed to purchase frozen dinners, frozen entrees, frozen pizzas, or most prepared frozen foods but, you can still buy frozen vegetables. You will not be allowed to purchase ice cream, pies, cakes or cookies that are already made. GII:6). EVERY “STAPLES STAMPS” RECIPIENT WILL ATTEND COOKING CLASSES that will be offered, free of charge, by the social services office where your “Staples Stamps” originated. If you need assistance, and are asking for assistance with food, you will learn how to cook basic dishes and meals so as to make your food stamps go farther. Again… YOU ARE NOT ON VACATION… YOU’RE ON WELFARE!!! You should accept that and act appropriately. The Social Services office in your area will offer classes, free of charge, for assistance with purchasing, storing, preparing and keeping food, and offer easy to moderate recipes, free of charge, for anyone who is interested. GII:7). If you are actually homeless and have no way to prepare food the local Social Services office will try to offer assistance with cooking gear, dishes and equipment but, they will NOT be required to provide you with these things. Possibly, you will be able to cash in your “Staples Stamps” at the local Hospital for meals at their cafeteria. Even with the new rules governing “Staples Stamps” there are plenty of food items that you can eat without cooking. H); RESTRUCTURE BANK LOANS AND CREDIT CARDS I). BANK LOAN PRACTICES: HI:1). All, PRIMARY RESIDENCE LOANS, will be set at an interest rate of, literally 100%. If you have a loan of $100,000 the actual payments on a thirty (30) year loan would be, $277.78 per month, for three hundred sixty (360) months. The interest on that loan would be $277.78 per month making your monthly mortgage payment on a thirty (30) year loan, $555.56. Each monthly payment will be payed to their respective accounts; one being principal/equity and the other being interest. At the time of sale the seller will receive all of their equity and they may use that equity as co-lateral against credit. HI:2). This would be the NATIONAL SET RATE for primary residence mortgage loans. This would eliminate the predatory practices that manifest in the real estate market and ensure protection, for the average American Home Owner, from the destructive vagary’s inherent in, “variable rate”, this and “credit score”, that. Every American should have an equal opportunity to own their own home, for a price at least close to the actual price of the house, (not 320% what the asking price was), with no consideration other than whether or not they can make their monthly mortgage payment. HI:3). All, other lending areas will remain a free market, such as exists today, but will have simple, straight forward regulations and oversights. All interest rates will be set and FIXED by the FED and NO LENDER, of any kind will charge more than the set rate. Service fees, late fees, and all other charges associated with Credit will be regulated at a “National Rate”. To the contrary, it will be the responsibility of the Lending Agent to inform customers of the set rate of interest, the percentage of income to loan payments required by the individual Lending Agent and ONLY provide those loans that the customer can realistically pay back. Their will be no more predation of the American People by the financial institutions. HI:4). Further, I would propose that the American Public be allowed, at the outset, to refinance their mortgage loans to the new National Standard so as to relieve some of the financial strain that has been placed upon them by the recent fiscal debacle that was created by the sub-prime market and all the rest of the financial shenanigans that have been taking place over the last ten years. II). CREDIT CARDS: HII:1). Credit Card Companies will also be considered to be Lending Agents and, as such, will be regulated in the same way. There will be a, FIXED RATE, for credit cards as set by their limit and NO CREDIT CARD will EVER charge more than twenty percent (20%) for any reason. Persons must legitimately qualify for credit as based on income and the rate of credit WILL NOT exceed a set percentage of Income/ Net Worth to Credit. The credit card provider will also increase the minimum payment amount or payment schedule to prevent those persons with a lower credit security factor from falling into unsustainable debt. HII:2). It will be required by law that the Credit Card companies monitor their customers’ credit level and issue the appropriate warnings to the customer BEFORE the customer gets into unsustainable debt and, if necessary, move to restrict the credit activities of the customer, so as to prevent an unsustainable financial situation, even to the point of freezing their credit. This will create a barrier, for the Credit Card issuer and the customer that will minimize over expenditures, reduce the occurrence of insurmountable credit card debt and therefore reduce the instance of bankruptcy and Chapter 11 filings. HII:3). Persons must be held accountable for their spending and debt and should show personal fiscal responsibility and at the same time, the financial and lending markets should be regulated to eliminate the existence of the unnecessarily costly, and financially detrimental lending practices that have so recently caused a financial (near) disaster and destroyed so many people’s retirements, futures and even their lives right now. No one will be given a level of credit that is beyond their means and no Lending Agent will make bad choices available to their customers. HII:4). I propose a one time fix for any person who has a credit card debt that is more than twenty five percent, (25%), of their net worth including equity. I). INSTITUTE REAL ELECTION REFORM AND SET POLITICAL PAY AND WORK SCHEDULE AND CONGRESSIONAL VOTE REFORM The Recent decision by the Supreme Court is a disgusting bastardization of our election process. It is now legal for any entity, foreign or domestic, including Al’Queda or any one else, to invest money in any elections in the United States, perpetuating the PURCHASE of political office. This country is SUPPOSED to be, “of the people, by the people and for the people” but it has turned into, “for the rich, by the corporations, against the people”. We live in a “Representative Democracy”, (or Repressive Democracy), which gives the false impression that the people have some say in the governing of our nation but, that is NOT the case. We, as Americans have the right to vote for which ever rich person got the most money to run their campaign so they can take office and represent the interests of the Corporations that sponsored them AGAINST the American people. When the Founding fathers were drafting the Constitution they openly acknowledged that the biggest problem with a Representative Democracy was that it could be, (and now is), owned by the highest bidder. They saw this trap, but in that era had no understanding of how politics would work in a country with the population density that we have today, so they made no contingency plan for the situation that we are now in. Although they could never have envisioned the Global Corporate State that we have today, the Founding Fathers were rich men who created laws, on purpose, that would regulate the wealthy to protect the citizenry from becoming surfs and peasants. I have faith that, if the Founding Fathers had foreseen the political/corporate climate that we have today, they would have created laws similar to the following: I). ELECTION I-I:1). The government entities at each level of government, i.e. Local, State and Federal, will set aside moneys from the General Tax Revenue at their level to fund ALL political candidates in ALL elections, at each level; there will be NO MORE OUTSIDE MONEY in ANY political campaign from ANY contributor NO MATTER WHAT! NONE!! PERIOD!!!!! I-I:2). All those people aspiring to political office must use their own money, including any donations with a set spending cap, to begin their campaign and show, by petition, that they have sufficient support, from THE PEOPLE, to be entered into the election process and to receive political moneys to continue their campaign. At the point of entering the election process there will be no more outside money allowed. As the election process proceeds, they must continue to show that they are in the majority of the candidates to receive more government money. A limit will be set at each level of politics, i.e. President, Congress, Governors, Mayors, etc… as to the number of candidates allowed to compete at any given level and those persons who show the most support from THE PEOPLE will move on. There will be NO MORE USE OF PRIVATE FUNDS, whether personal or donation, in the political election process. There will be no more corporate purchase of political offices and there will be no more situations where a person becomes a politician simply because that person and/or their Political Party was wealthy enough to purchase their office or simply out spend the competition. There will be no more Major Party money in politics, (volunteers are still allowed and encouraged since a larger group of volunteers is indicative of a more popular person). All political appointments will be based on merit, ability and THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! Not based on money or connections. I-I:3). When a Citizen goes to the polls to vote, the Citizen who is casting a vote will fill out a PAPER ballot. They will then proceed to the polling station personnel where the Citizen will run their ballot form through an in and out scanner, (like the machine for lottery tickets), so there will be an instant reckoning of the vote being cast. The screen will show the results of the scan and the Citizen, with ballot form in hand, will double check the results of the scan to verify that the machine recorded the correct information. If the information on the screen is accurate, the Citizen will push “accept”, “vote”, “enter”, or whatever, to electronically cast their vote. The Citizen will then place their paper ballot in a ballot box so there will be a HARD COPY OF EVERY BALLOT CAST. THESE WILL BE COUNTED!!! II). POLITICAL PAY I-II:1). ALL salaries for ALL political positions will be set at a reasonable amount, i.e. no less than fifty percent (50%) and no more than 150% of the median income of the region that each political office represents. If the political office is in a higher income bracket there will be a CAP placed on the political salary. If the income of smaller regions inside the state will not realisticly pay the politician at that level, the shortages of that smaller municipality may be taken up by the state. The actual pay scale for most political positions will be lower than 150% but, will not be lower than fifty percent (50%) of the median income of the area that the politician represents. This will cause the politician in EVERY region to do everything in their power to assist the people that they represent to continue to prosper. The better off the people are, the more the politician gets paid. I-II:2). No politician will accept any other paying jobs, speakers’ fees, endorsement money, or any other moneys, payments, considerations or perquisites, States may make exceptions for In-State Representatives who are only in session for part of the year and hold a regular job when out of session. Those persons who have entered the political arena will be barred from corporate or special interest employment or incomes for a period of twenty (20) years after they leave politics, (lower level politicians, i.e. In-State Representatives, Governors, Mayors, etc… will be barred for ten (10) years. This very simple change will take the greed and money and fame out of politics and hopefully bring forth a group of politicians who are in it for the people instead of being in it for the money. III). WORK SCHEDULE I-III:1). All of Congress will have an in session/out of session schedule that is fixed. I propose that, as of January 15th of the year, congress is IN SESSION until February 15th, at which time Congress is on break and can be (will be) in their home state, interacting with the people whom they represent until March 15th at which time, they return to Washington and do what the people asked for. April 15th you return home and the schedule continues, as such, until September 15th where after Congress is in session until October 7th. From the 7th until November 1st they will be home then back in session until the 21st, when they will recess for Thanksgiving. Congress will be in session from December 1st until the 21st, when they will adjourn for Christmas and return on January 15th. I-III:2). ALL roll calls will be automatically, publicly posted, as will ALL votes on the floor. If you want to keep your job…you better be at work and you better please the people that you represent. I-III:3). There will be no more private jets and limousines. You will have a day that you are supposed to be at work and there will be a government transport waiting to take you to Washington or home on a specific day. Those states on the west coast will transport their politicians to Sacramento on that day and fly to Denver to pick up the mountain region politicians, then on to St. Louise where they will pick up the Mid-West politicians… and so forth they will get to Washington D.C. on the same day, at the same time and they will be transported to the Capitol building. Or… they can take the subway. Any politician who cannot make the transportation schedule will pay for their own transportation at their own expense. IV). VOTE REFORM I-IV:1). Political individuals and political entities alike will be restricted in their spending to those things they can actually afford. There will be no more blank check spending for programs that are not funded by the revenue that is actually generated in the district or region in question. Government WILL CEASE to spend money that they don’t have and must show where the money is coming from for the specific program or project and must further show that, that money is not needed or allocated to another area or program or project. I-IV:2). There will be NO MORE multilevel, thousand page Congressional Bills presented to Congress to vote on!!! Each Bill drafted and submitted to Congress for a vote will be a SINGLE ISSUE with no riders, attachments, earmarks, or hidden Pork and must be less than one hundred (100) pages including where the money to pay for it will come from. I-IV:3). I would love to see a referendum phone in system put in place. Every week on, say, Tuesday, you could call and enter your vote on a referendum question that has been advertised on The Public Broadcasting Network as the Governments contribution towards public broadcasting so as to end the recent dispute. There would be a vote by telephone (1-800-vote-fed) every week, month, quarter or year at the Local, State and Federal levels as issues come up. Every American can find out what the issue is and cast there vote. The results will determine what issues the American People want heard and gives a good idea of how they feel. Congress will act upon those bills that top the priority list from the referendum response of the American People, FIRST! eliminating the power struggle between The Speaker of The House and the opposing Party as to which Bills will reach the floor for vote. All of Congress will forward and endorse the progress of those bills that the People asked for. I-IV:4). If you want the American people to be fiscally responsible, you must LEAD BY EXAMPLE. If you can’t balance a check book, you shouldn’t be given any responsibility over money whether you’re a Congressman, Governor, Mayor, Selectman, or just “Joe Business”. J). RESTRUCTURING OF THE INSURANCE “INDUSTRY” Insurance is a racket, period, and needs to be reformed. J:1). Now that the ELECTION REFORM has been accepted, the Insurance Industry has no more election pull over our government; it has no more influence over American health care, has almost no remaining reason for medical coverage, liability involving injury, etc… and therefore, seemingly, has little or no reason to exist; that is not the case. J:2). The insurance “industry” will cease to exist as we know it and cease to control most aspects of our lives, (seat belts and helmets are not to save YOUR life, they are to save the insurance “industry” money), and will be replaced with an “INSURANCE UNION”. J:3). All of the contingency insurances, such as, home owner’s, property, business, flood, fire and vandalism, and industry insurances such as, contractor’s insurance and work place insurance, will still exist and remain pretty much the same except that there will no longer be any reference to “injury”, “medical”, or “lost wages”, thereby making insurance much more affordable. There will be no more paying for medical or lost wages; you only have to insure stuff… physical property… and your income, (paycheck insurance). J:4). Auto mobile insurance will revert to state a where, the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for insuring their own vehicle at a rate agreed upon by the owner and the “insurance union”, where as no matter what happens to that vehicle or whose fault it was, the owner has the vehicle insured. If you have a $1,000 car, your insurance rate will reflect the cost to repair or replace that vehicle. If, on the other hand, you have a $60,000 S.U.V. YOU will pay the much higher amount to insure that vehicle. Remember, there is no longer any cost to the American People for Health Care; it was taken out of your pay check, so there is no “hospital coverage”, or “Medical Liability”, on your insurance. YOU insure YOUR car for the price of YOUR car. J:5). Now, say you were in an accident and were injured and missed work. In the past you would have sued somebody for lost wages or, if the accident was your fault, you would be getting sued for lost wages and who knows what else; not any more. With the change to an “Insurance Union” you will have the option to take out, “PAY CHECK INSURANCE”. You come to an agreement with your “Insurance Union” as to the level of coverage over an agreed upon time frame and the amount you will be charged for this coverage. In the event of an accident, your car is covered, their car is covered, every body’s medical bills are already paid for and you all have insurance that will still give you a pay check so you don’t lose your whole world over a car wreck. J:6). Basically, this policy change will, in effect, cause each and every American to stand up and take charge of their own lives and be responsible for their own property instead of their being a lot of blame and finger pointing as to who’s fault it is and a lot of legal hassles over who is going to pay. Just that small change in the way we live will take a large burden off of the Courts, saving large sums of tax money. It’s your life, it’s your lively hood, and it’s your stuff, YOU PAY FOR IT! J:7). The “Insurance Union” will also offer, “Vanity Insurance”. If you are in a car accident, if you fall off of a roof, if you have breast cancer, you will be treated at the hospital, patched up, set, sewed, operated on, kept alive and convalesced with no hospital bill or associated hassle; it’s already paid for. If you want the scars removed you will have “vanity Insurance” or you will pay out of pocket. The same goes for prosthesis, implants, or other reconstructive procedures. You will have a withholding taken out of every paycheck that ensures that you will be admitted, kept alive to the best of their abilities and treated with whatever means available to keep you healthy. PRETTY is up to YOU and it comes out of YOUR pocket. J:8). This change will reduce the number of insurance company employees but a percentage of them will be instantly reemployed. The hospitals have just taken on all of the processing of paperwork and documents that used to be done by the insurance companies and every hospital in every town will have numerous job openings for persons who are trained to process medical forms and medical bills. There will also be an initial construction “boom”, and residual building, repair and maintenance in each and every hospital as they expand to make room for the extra employees needed to process the incoming Hospital Withholdings and Social Security paperwork. K). EDUCATION, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES I). EDUCATION: K-I:1). The emphasis that the Education System has placed on preparing EVERY student for College needs to be changed. At just a glance, on the internet, one random county that I researched shows that, out of all of the jobs available in that county, only approximately twenty two percent (22%) required a College Education. Further, a national study showed that, out of fifty-five million (55,000,000) College graduates, only seven million (7,000,000) got a job that required a College Education. K-I:2). ALL SCHOOL SYSTEMS need to institute a “Career Center” or “Trade Skills” curriculum that will be available to ALL students. It’s a wonderful idea to give every American a College Education but, the reality is that a large percentage of the people who attend College end up starting their adult life with an outrageous Student Loan debt, and an education and little piece of paper that they are never going to use because there aren’t any jobs available in that field. For years now I have endorsed the theory that you can tell the level of Education a person has attained by the quality of restaurant at which they are waiting tables. There is no shame in waiting tables or any other job that pays a living wage but, there is no need to start your eight dollar ($8) an hour job with one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) OR MORE in student loan debt. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! K-I:3). ALL SCHOOL SYSTEMS will institute and endorse an after school and weekend jobs program that is geared toward those students who may not qualify for College, may not want to go to College or may not make it through high school. Some school system right now, actually deny students employment if their grades are not high enough. THAT’S JUST STUPID!!! You give the students with the most potential for College the chance to work in the real world but the Student who is probably NOT going to college is deprived of the opportunity to learn a trade or a skill or become acclimated to the working world. That is the student who NEEDS to start working after school and weekends because that is the student who is going to be working in those jobs. The way it is set up now, that student doesn’t get an education, doesn’t go to College and now, doesn’t know how to do anything. The next time you’re at the mall and get the simpleton, fresh out of high school running the cash register, I bet you’ll wish that person had had a little better job and life training before they waited on you. II). COLLEGES: K-II:1). The Government needs to ensure that ALL Americans have an equal opportunity to obtain a higher education, no matter what their financial situation. We would do better by our children to declare the College System to be a higher equivalent of the Community College Systems and set a NATIONAL EDUCATOR PAY SCALE that covers ALL employees of the “College System”. K-II:2). This would lower tuition at all of the Colleges across America and give the opportunity to set “NATIONAL COLLEGE TUITION FEES”. When you pair that up with a new LOW INTEREST STUDENT LOAN that is gauged by the amount of income and family participation, you have a secondary education that the American Student and the American Family can afford. K-II:3). The Government will also institute a policy of tuition deferral for the “College System”. This policy is, essentially, a grant of sorts available to any High School graduate with high enough test scores and GPA to qualify for a HIGHER EDUCATION GRANT. Any Student, who qualifies, may take a “TUITION DEFFERAL” for courses toward obtaining any degree where, after graduation, there is a position with the Government, or any other participating business entity, where you can work at a reduced salary for a set period of time to re-pay your tuition. K-II:4). For example, the H.E.G. will give qualifying students free admission to medical school on the condition that, upon graduation from medical school, the student will take placement as an intern and then position at a hospital for a set, reduced salary, (Possibly 50% of Medical Scale) for a period of five (5) years and then at a less reduced rate, (possibly 75% of Medical Scale) for an additional five (5) years. At that point, The D.N.H. will consider the tuition to have been repaid. If the student fails to complete the schooling, that student will be required to repay the D.N.H. for the tuition cost for the time that the student attended school or, if the student does not fulfill the employment obligation, that student will be required to reimburse the D.N.H. for some or all of the tuition fees. The dollar amount will be determined by the amount of time the student has spent as an employee of the D.N.H. K-II:5). Higher Education will be changed to favor the SMARTEST and the MOST ENTHUSIASTIC, not just those who can afford it. UNIVERSITIES: There will be a separation between “Colleges” and “Universities”. The Universities will continue to operate as they do now. At the outset of this proposal their would have to be a declaration of “College” or “University” status made by each school indicating which type of educational payment proposal they would offer. I would recommend that Universities create a similar type of program to assist those students who have the drive and the grades to do well but don’t have the financial means to attend University. Lastly, the Universities would be well warned to create a contingency plan in case the new “College System” draws off a significant number of their students. L). RESTRUCTURE THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX TO MAKE IT AN INVESTMENT INSTEAD OF A WAREHOUSE L:1). The United States has only six percent (6%) of the global population but we have twenty seven percent (27%) of the world’s prisoners. That it is NOT a problem with the people it’s a problem with the laws, (the government has turned prison into an industry that makes certain people a lot of money). By legalizing all narcotics it will decrease the prison population in America. In the early 1980’s federal prison population was eighty five percent (85%) white collar criminals
  2. Jay F. Gypsy says:

    the early 1990’s the prison population was approximately seventy percent (70%) drug crimes. All Prison Systems, State and Federal, would do well to model their prisons as an extension of society instead of it being an entirely separate environment that leaves the persons being released in a time lag having no connection to the outside society and no recent job experience.

    L:2). All prisons should create on campus industries and factories that provide as much of the prisons necessities as possible, i.e. clothes, shoes, lockers… anything. There should be interaction between the separate Prison Systems to exchange products making the Prison System as self sufficient as possible. The Federal Prison System Already has a jump on this type of facility operation except for the fact that their factories pay no more than one dollar and forty cents ($1.40) per hour to the Prisoners, to make product to sell on the open market or offer services (phone banks, etc…) to the public and the profit goes to the stock holders, with a small reimbursement from them back into the facility. Then, the prison system has to buy all of their supplies from the open market at the expense of the Tax Payer. Yeah… read that again… it still doesn’t make any sense!!! But, if you take the factory setting and add in the following:

    L:3). All prisons will institute a work program that does not allow for outside money to be used for any of the day to day existence of the prisoner. The prisoner enters the prison as a “Welfare Case” and will be housed in the dorm and eat at the “Soup Kitchen”. The first order of business for the prisoner, after orientation, will be to check the “Jobs Board” and prepare an application for whichever job(s) that person would be interested in or qualified to work. ALL prisoner jobs will have a pay rating attached to them with different levels in each department having different pay grades. Each prisoner will enter any work detail at an entry level position and work their way up at their pace and ability. ALL moneys (credits really) earned by the prisoner will go into that prisoner’s debit account and will be available to the prisoner at their discretion.

    L:4). Once the prisoner has found employment they can begin to improve their lives to whatever extent they want and their credits will allow. If they want to move from the dorm area into an eight (8) man room, six (6) man room, four (4) man room or two (2) man room, they may do so by applying for that room the same as you would apply for an apartment. If it’s available and you have the “credits” income, you will be approved.

    L:5). The same procedure will apply for the “Chow Hall”. The prisoners will be able to eat at the “Soup Kitchen” or, if they have the “Credits” in their account they can eat at the “Dining Hall” or at a “Carry-Out” on the compound. NO OUTSIDE MONEY will be used for food.

    L:6). The same procedure will apply to with commissary items; if you have the credits to purchase toiletries, food, clothing, etc… you may do so but, it will be paid for with your “Prison Credits”. NO OUTSIDE MONEY will be used for commissary.

    L:7). The Gym, Weight room(s), pool hall(s), arts and crafts, classes (aside from G.E.D.) music room(s), and other recreation programs will be on a membership basis and will be paid for out of the Prisoner’s “Credit Account”.

    L:8). Any other “amenities” that the Prisoner may want that are offered at the prison will follow the same procedures. If there is cable T.V., if there are jogging suits, tennis shoes, extra sports equipment, all of these things will be purchased or rented by the Prisoner with the “Credits” available to the Prisoner on their “Debit Card”. If you don’t have the “credits”, you don’t get the goods and Mommy can’t buy them for you.

    L:9). Because the intention of the Prison System should be rehabilitation and a reinforcement of societal values, the Prisoners will be allowed to have outside money sent to them on their birthday and Christmas but, there will be a limit set on how much they receive. Just like in the real world, sometimes you get presents or unexpected money but, you don’t rely on that money for your daily survival.

    L:10). Going out on a limb, I fully believe that each Prison System should have a mandatory “short timers” or “pre-release” camp where they spend the last part of their incarceration in a work release facility where they learn to fit back into society in every way, including alcohol. Alcohol should not be eliminated from the Prisoners’ rehabilitation process as they try to learn to fit back into society because we all know that the Prisoner, upon release, will probably drink to some extent; that why a lot of them are in prison to begin with. I profess that, in the “Work Release Center”, the prisoners be allowed one, maybe two, beers (BEER ONLY) in the evening after work IN THE “WORK RELEASE CENTER” so as to try to teach these people how to have one or two beers without needing the rest of the 12-pack. The alternative to this idea is what we have now, i.e. you hold them captive until the last second and then release them into a world FULL of alcohol and, guess what happens. If parents would teach their children this as they are growing up (SEE: sec. N) we, as Americans would not have to pay the high financial and social price of a bunch of drunks. Maybe if they can learn to have one or two beers in a social setting they won’t get in quite as much trouble this time around.

    L:11). The Prison System will no longer be a place to “warehouse” humans, nor will it be a vacation. Prisoners will be expected to participate in the “Prison Society” in the same fashion as they would be expected to participate in regular society. Of course, they are Prisoners and are in prison for not acting properly in society to begin with so there will be a percentage of Prisoners who will not be able to adjust to this routine. These Prisoners should be given every chance to adjust to “normal” routines but, some of the Prison population will need to be simply separated and “incarcerated”; it’s just a fact of prison.

    L:12). The Prison needs to be the place where the powers that be pay enough attention to the Prisoners to determine, accurately, if a Prisoner is a CRIMINAL or if they are, in fact, a junkie. CRIMINALS GO TO JAIL, JUNKIES GO TO REHAB!!!!!!!! (SEE sec. D)



    M-I:1). Our reliance on fossil fuels has created a lot of problems in the past and, presently, is on the verge of destroying the atmosphere (anti-global warming people… shut up!) and our society as we pollute the world and fight over the scraps. Our economies are held prisoner by the producers of petroleum and some of our country’s leaders, (including Dick Cheney and George Bush Senior) are getting rich on the proceeds of our entrapment. Fossil fuel has become a fossil in our society and I don’t see any reason to destroy ourselves or our planet over a product that has, clearly, past its prime and has only one reason to exist, i.e. the wealth of the fossils that are still fighting to keep it as our primary fuel source. We, as a country and as a world, need an energy source that is renewable and we have one, if we will just use it. It has been just sitting there for eighty something years waiting for the money grabbers to get out of the way so it can regain its former prominence in society and help the people and the planet.

    M-I:2). Ever body today keeps talking about “Green Energy” but, for some reason they refuse to use anything that is actually green. Some have started to use corn as a fuel and plastic but, corn is yellow (yeah… I’m gonna stick with that) AND… it is a major food source for most of the planet. Whether you are eating corn on the cob or you’re eating corn fed meat you are still eating corn, so using corn as an alternative to petroleum drives up the price of corn and corn based foods making those foods financially less attainable to the general populace and is there for a bad idea. On the other hand, having the technology to turn vegetation into fuel and other chemical based products that have traditionally been derived from petroleum is a very good thing as long as you use something that is NOT in the food chain. Right now in Thialand the are having food shortages and starvation issues because the are using their major food crop for fuel. That just doesn’t make any sense!

    M-I:3). Enter Hemp! Hemp IS NOT marijuana as we have come to know and love it. Hemp is “Cannabis Reuteralis(sp?)” and has a T.H.C. level (the stuff that gets you high) of about two percent (2%) where as the “Cannabis Indica” and “Cannabis Sativa” that Americans and EVERYBODY ELSE likes to smoke is considered low grade if it is below (15%) and most of the strains available today are above twenty percent (20%). What’s the point? The point is that it would take about ten (10) joints (marijuana cigarettes) of Hemp to equal the potency of just one joint of Marijuana prompting me to assert that nobody is going to smoke Hemp, unless you want to sell it as a tobacco substitute, so, you can just by-pass your built in prejudice setting and sit back down and listen.

    M-I:4). Hemp grows in every state in the Union and in every country in the world. It is one of the most prolific species on the planet (it’s a weed) and can grow in almost any soil or climate. Hemp has been used, the same as cotton, since the beginning of time for fabric (Levi Strauss blue jeans), rope, sail cloth (The U.S.S. Constitution had 47,000 pounds of Hemp rope and sail), smaller wooden articles (Hemp is a deciduous medium-hard wood that grows up to three inches (3in.) in diameter), medicines,(used in more than one hundred (100) medicines at the turn of the twentieth century) as you are seeing in the current news, (recently re-legalized in many states for the treatment of numerous ailments), as a fiberglass type of resin, (as seen in the new corn based water bottles and baby bottles) and even gasoline, as proven by none other than, Henry Ford. The cruxst of this statement is that, WE CAN GROW GASOLINE AND PLASTIC!!! without effecting the food chain.

    M-I:5). The two largest uses for petroleum based fuels right now, in the spring of 2011, are heating oil and gasoline. If each state in the union started growing Hemp right now and each town built a small Hemp oil distillery/refinery (it takes both steps) most of the heating oil needs for this coming winter (20011/2012) would be taken care of. Over the next few years, with expansion of the Hemp crop and the building of larger distillery/refineries, all of our fuel needs would be taken care of by a product that is renewable, domestic, and GREEN. In the northern latitudes we could plant a longer season single crop of one of the strains that produce more curd or pulp and therefore, more oil. In the south you could easily raise two, if not three, crops per year of a higher oil strain. Hemp crops could be planted in open areas or, it could be planted in the rows of recently replanted timber land and be grown on that timber land for approximately ten (10) years before the tree growth would create too much shade for the Hemp to prosper. It takes fifty (50) acres of trees to produce the same amount of pulp as one (1) acre of hemp. I would caution against raising crops specifically for fiber production as, that will create a competition with cotton and use up large tracts of land that could be used to grow higher oil content strains that would be used for fuel, unless there is some way to retrieve the oil from the Hemp first and still be able to use the fiber (somebody else will have to research that… I don’t know).

    M-I:6). The other aspect of hemp production is that we can produce ALL of our paper products from Hemp so we quit using three hundred year old tree for tooth picks and toilet paper. You can produce paper, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, and cardboard, everything paper from Hemp. By using Hemp instead of trees for all of these things we can allow our forests to re-grow and restructure the timber industry so trees car be harvested every fifty (50) to one hundred (100) years, instead of every ten (10) to twenty (20), thereby giving our atmosphere the benefit of more forests that exist longer and remove more of the CO2 from our air. In practical carpenter terms, it will give us lumber that has a higher tensile strength so you can use less lumber to build the same structure. One last aspect of Hemp concerns the popularity of Pellet Stoves. Hemp is a deciduous medium-hard wood and it can be chopped into pellet sized pieces and used as an additive or alternative to the pellets that are available today.


    M-II:1). The other major problem that the world is having with petroleum products, other than everybody trying to kill each other for it, is the toxic emissions that are produced by the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in our atmosphere (again…anti-global warming people…shut up). Hemp won’t fix that problem but, it will help by taking a portion of the CO2 out of the atmosphere. How much CO2 does the use of fossil fuels take out of the atmosphere? NONE! How much CO2 does the use of nuclear energy take out of the atmosphere? NONE! How much CO2 does the use of wind power or solar power take out of the atmosphere? NONE! How much CO2 does the use of tidal energy take out of the atmosphere? NONE! How much CO2 does the use of Hemp take out of the atmosphere? I don’t have a clue but, it’s got to be a hell of a lot more than anything else we are using! It stands to reason…

    M-II:2). The biggest challenge lately has been to come up with a new type of automobile that will run on some kind of, as yet undiscovered, miracle fuel. People are talking about electric cars (electricity comes from burning fossil fuels) Hybrid cars (still use fossil fuels) or Hydrogen fuel cells (what!!!) but, none of that actually addresses the problem of eliminating fossil fuels (at least not in my lifetime and I’m not that old), nor do these ideas address the problem of cleaning up emissions from cars, much less the emissions from factories or mills or smoke stacks of whatever entity. We already have the Internal Combustion Engine so there is no reason to change the engine, just change the fuel and CONTROL the emissions. By using a fuel made from Hemp (or any other bio fuel) it will initially create the same amount of exhaust but, those emissions will be less toxic; coming from plants, not oil, it would prompt the comparison of the difference between burning leaves and burning tires (I don’t know if that is actually true but it sounds logical and, since I haven’t heard the oil companies openly quote a comparison, I’ll go ahead and believe it) and since Hemp fuel is from a plant, it has already reduced the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, earning Hemp automatic Environmental Offset Credits.

    M-II:3). The next problem would be controlling the emissions from the vehicle and I CAN NOT be the only one who has thought of this. In 1977 or 78, President Carter ordered a Presidential Study that, among other things, showed that by smoking through a water pipe, the carcinogens in the smoke were reduced by approximately fifty percent (50%) then he made water pipes illegal. Go figure. If that study was accurate, then all you would have to do is, take the car that you have now, cut the exhaust off near the back seat and fit it with a manifold that has six (6) smaller tubes that run into the bottom of the first chamber of a box that has five (5) consecutive one (1) gallon tanks that is installed under the back seat of the car so that the end of those tubes are under water, near the bottom of the first tank. There will be a set of six (6) vent tubes that attach to the top of the first tank and go into the second tank and the ends of those tubes will be under water, near the bottom of the second tank. Repeat for the third tank, fourth tank and fifth tank. On the top of the fifth tank will be a connector where you re-attach the exhaust system and run it to the rear of the vehicle where it goes into a vacuum motor which creates the suction to pull the exhaust through the water. The vacuum motor will have to be attached to a potentiometer (volume knob) so that it will keep pace with the engine; engine goes faster, vacuum goes faster. If the Presidential Study was right then the emissions should be in the range of three point one two percent (3.12%) of the emissions that the engine generates. IT MIGHT BE THAT EASY to reduce automobile emissions by ninety six point eight, eight percent (96.88%).

    M-II:4). Every gas station would be fitted with a water hose at the pump so, every time you fill up your car with gas, you fill your “Car Bong” with re-claimed, non-potable water. Each time that you change the oil in your vehicle you will empty, clean and refill your “Car Bong” of resins and residues so that it can be collected for environmental reasons and possibly reused as something else. It is Carbon after all.

    M-II:5). This same technology can be applied, loosely, to all emissions generating systems. If there is no way to replicate a closed chamber system you can still do a mist and/or steam system. Each smoke stack will have two (2) retention ponds (multiple stacks may be able run from the same ponds) one to run while the other is being cleaned. All you have to do is run sprinkler pipe up the inside or outside of the smoke stack with sprinkler heads on the inside of the smoke stack, at several levels, and with enough sprinkler heads at each level, depending on the diameter of the smoke stack, to give complete coverage at each level. The water from the retention pond will be run through the same heat source that is generating the exhaust so as to heat the water to boiling or, if practical, steam. The water/steam will be misted into the smoke stack at several levels, creating veils of mist that the exhaust must pass through to vent out the top of the smoke stack. If the mist causes a settling effect on the exhaust (won’t allow the exhaust to rise) then you would need to install (an) exhaust fan(s) on the smoke stack to pull the smoke up and out. A portion of the water/mist will evaporate out the top of the smoke stack with the other exhaust but most will collect on the insides of the smoke stack and run back down the walls with the particulate matter trapped by the water. That returned water will collect and drain into a retention pond where the water is filtered and reused and the waste matter can be scraped up and disposed of. The mist will reduce the particulate emissions of ANY exhaust system but, I can’t say by what percentage. Please install one of these systems and let me know the results.


    N:1). The financial ramifications of drugs and alcohol are causing us to spend an outrageous amount of our tax dollars on attempted suppression or eradication, but most of the associated social problems are caused by drugs being illegal and by the mind set of Americans that your child is not allowed to do ANYTHING until after they are out of your house (hopefully) and their is no one there to try to teach them how to act or how to handle them selves.

    N:2). I fully believe that America should take a lesson from the European Community and then take it one step farther. I fully believe that the drinking age should be lowered to where, if a child is at least thirteen (13) years old they can consume BEER ONLY in restaurants and other public places if they are accompanied by an adult. Once they are eighteen they will be of legal age to purchase alcohol on their own, at their discretion just like it was in the ‘70’s. Right now, as a parent, you are allowed to give YOUR child alcohol if you so choose but, not in a public place. Most parents say, “no you can’t”, “no you cant”, until they send their child off to College or out on their own and the first time that child gets to drink it’s at some party or similar situation and they go overboard. From that point on it’s an ongoing fight for that person to learn, usually the hard way, how to handle alcohol and not let it ruin their life. It would be a lot easier on the child, less worrisome for the parent, and less costly to society if you TEACH your child how to drink responsibly BEFORE they go out on their own. This simple idea will greatly reduce the legal issues and tragedies associated with alcohol.

    N:3). The only thing I’m going to say about “illegal” drugs is this: Portugal legalized ALL drugs in 2004(?). Portugal changed their laws to state that any person may possess or consume whatever drug they so choose as long as they are socially appropriate. In essence, if you are out at the bar and you walk off and sit in your car and smoke a joint, nobody cares. Have at it. If, on the other hand you walk outside the bar and light up a joint, right there on the sidewalk, you will get a ticket for, essentially, being inappropriate in public and information on where to receive help with your drug issues, if you want to. It would be the equivalent of a traffic citation.

    N:4). There was a “five (5) year update” on the situation in Portugal that simply said that ALL drug use had gone DOWN eighteen percent (18%) and that the government reallocated the large amount of tax dollars that Portugal used to spend on drug enforcement to social necessities and other government agencies. Just imagine what we could do with the money we now spend on the D.E.A., all of the other anti-drug initiatives and the Court costs associated with prosecuting drug charges and pursuing and prosecuting all of the gang and organized crime activities at every level that comes from the MONEY that illegal drugs generate. A real rehabilitation program would be nice. If you take the money out of it, you take the crime out of it; nobody is going to fight over something that everybody has.



    There are other social ills that I see and acknowledge as being problems but, I’ve always felt that if you point out a problem and don’t have some suggestion on how to fix that problem, you’re just an asshole and you should shut up. That being said, I’m going to point out two things that i do NOT have an answer for, (i guess I’m an ashole) the first being our MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. The masters of that universe are thoroughly ensconced in their positions of power and there will be no shaking them loose. On the contrary, I consider the Pentagon to be our dog and all of the little sets of initials that emanate from the Pentagon are the dog’s teeth and claws; unfortunately the dog definitely has fleas and occasionally looks more like a weasel than a dog. I like having a dog. I like having a mean dog that can be vicious and, yes, bite but, I expect that dog to know who his master is (the American People), protect his master and quit shittin’ in the neighbor’s yard. My dog should stay on the porch unless someone comes in the yard, in which case, my dog should go after them, growl, bark, bark LOUD, nip at them, try to run them off or, pounce on them and hold them down. If need be, BITE THEM!, but, my dog WILL NOT CHASE THEM!!! If they come on my porch EAT THEM!!! But if they are just walking by my dog should just lie down and lick himself; that’s what dogs do. Whatever the neighbor is doing in his yard is his business. Whatever the people down the street are doing is their business. My dog needs to learn to stay on the porch and leave people alone and quit running around the neighborhood. If my dog keeps annoying the neighbors, chasing people and biting folks that are NOT in the yard, then the dog will need to be put down. I hope it doesn’t come to that, he’s basically a good dog, he just needs some training. If you leave a dog alone, it will act like a dog. There’s no such thing as a bad dog… just a human, who wasn’t paying attention.


    The Pentagon needs to be held accountable for the money that they TAKE from the American People. Every American, every human, that is paying attention knows that the American Military and Intelligence Departments (and everybody else’s) are spend our money doing sneaky, immoral, illegal, socially reprehensible stuff. Whether they are bribing Government Officials or Corporate heads, financially swaying elections in other countries, hiring mercenaries to do their dirty work, or selling guns and drugs, that’s what they do… we all know it. All I’m asking is that the Pentagon NOT be exempted from the National Audit every year. TELL US WHERE OUR MONEY IS GOING! Put it under any innocuous heading you want to but, you will be accountable to the American People for the tax dollars that you take.

    P). JOBS

    P:1). The other big thing that I’m going to avoid is the problem of jobs. As you’ll agree, (I hope), I think way too much but I think my ideas are sound; you’re welcome to your opinion. The problem of creating jobs is a big one and better minds than mine will have to work on the need for a large, labor intensive type of job creation to put Americans back to work. I do NOT have a viable solution to this enormous and ongoing problem, but I have a few ideas that might help.

    P:2). First, and what I see as the most obvious, would be to move the production of all of America’s MILITARY EQUIPMENT back to The U.S. instead of paying some country that, at some time in the future may become an enemy of The State, to produce the things we need for conquest and kiling and maiming. Maybe it’s just me but, I think WE ought to MAKE the weapons that we need to protect ourselves.

    P:3). The only other “Jobs Creation” idea that I have is to shorten shifts to put more people to work. If you already have a work environment that has two (2), eight (8) hour shifts, it would be changed to three (3), six (6) hour shifts, thereby increasing the number of persons employed by fifty percent (50%). As an offset to the twenty five percent (25%) cut in hours and therefore a twenty five percent (25%) cut in pay, a substantial percentage of those already employed at the time of implementation, would move up the pay scale to fill the upper level positions of the third shift leaving the vacancies that will be filled by the entry level employees. The same would follow suit for work environments that operate three (3) full shifts. They would change to four (4), six (6) hour shifts giving a thirty three percent (33%) increase in employment at that work place. Remember… there is no medical or benefits issues to deal with so there is no more reference to full time as affect the perks of the job. The only thing affected will be your pay check.

    P:4). If we had put the two items above together a few years ago, we wouldn’t have had the financial melt down that we had; at least not so much. America was/is in the middle of two wars (imagine that) and at the same time, the Auto Industry falls apart. In 1942(?) Henry Ford started producing military armament and vehicles to support the war efforts in Europe and the Pacific. Why didn’t we do that five (5) years ago?

    P:5). All of the changes that I have proposed throughout this dissertation will create a lot of jobs with the renovation of the infrastructure that would be required to achieve these goals. This could be our generations Panama Canal or Hoover Dam or Brooklyn Bridge except this time we will not be building something to use or look at and it will be far more relevant, far reaching and enduring than anything we as a Country have ever built. Beyond creating jobs, giving people hope and prosperity and making this country great again we will be building something to live in that gives each and every one of us a better life.


    I have intentionally kept this entire discourse focused on problems inside this country because nobody has any right to be talking bad about somebody else’s situation when you’re not doing what YOU should be. Our Government needs to quit trying to export a broken system. The only reason our Government wants the rest of the world to have “Democratic” Governments is so they can financially subjugate the peoples of those countries for even more Corporate profit.

    I fully believe we should re-regulate “The Fourth Estate” so all of the news we get doesn’t come from the six “Super Wealthy” who decide what we can and can’t see or hear or know about. Go back to the days when the same company couldn’t own all of the media outlets in a given region; there had to be competition, thereby enforcing truth in journalism.


    I think that with all of the traffic issues taking center stage these days we should make all of the roads safer by putting a satellite scrambler in every automobile, i.e. when the engine is running, your cell-phone won’t work! Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up, sit down, quit yelling. See, now, that’s the biggest problems with trying to save the world… the world doesn’t want to be saved, just like no junkie ever wants to quit, they just want to quit gettin’ arrested for it.


    Lastly, I’m not going to try to address the “Super Wealthy”, as they are not really American, as such. The Super Wealthy are global entities that are not constrained by geographic boundaries or, really, by the laws of any nation. The one thing I will say is that the changes below are what the people need and deserve but, the Super Wealthy are not going to like them or help to initiate them because it goes against their power base and affects their profits, so I’ll just say this: If you are some one who has become one of the Wealthy or Super Wealthy at the expense of the American People, you made your billions off of the sweat of their brow and you don’t want to give back to the American people, then get the f**k out! Every hard working American feels the same way and most of them will say it in the same way. Get out, leave, go take your money and your business and go somewhere else; maybe Dubai with Dick Cheney and his corporation, or maybe China with most of the American Corporations, or India, or the Philippines. Go destroy some third world country at your leisure but, you are no longer going to exploit the American people so you can get rich and not give anything back. Take your company and get out! Build your products or run your Corporation wherever you want but, when you try to sell those products in America… YOU are going to pay; it WILL NOT be passed on to the customer. Once you’re gone, there will be dozens of entrepreneurs to take your place and actually BE AMERICANS. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    That’s it. That’s my view of the problems and a guess at the solutions, and you are welcome to respond to them, vocally and viciously and, hopefully, add to them, fine tune them, fill in the blanks that I missed; good luck. I’ve just tackled more than a dozen social ills, suggested ways to fix them and told you where the money will come from, in less than thirty (30) pages; WHY CAN’T CONGRESS DO THIS?????

    J. F. Gypsy

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