Notes from July demonstration and GA

We got lots of thumbs up and thank yous this week on Morgan Square.  The resolution that the Working Group has written for County Council to join the many others who want Citizens United (aka “corporations are people”) overturned was distributed, read and approved by all during a fairly informal GA on the sidewalk. The Working Group is moving forward with petitions supporting this resolution…if any of you have questions or would like to help in this effort please email  Look for a letter to the editor from one of us in the Spartanburg Herald Journal on this subject soon!  Also, California has just joined the growing list of states who support an amendment overturning Citizens United, so things are moving right along!
Our next demonstration and GA will be August 6th from 5pm to 8pm on Morgan Square as usual!

City of Spartanburg Picketing Regulations

Demonstration on Morgan Square July 2nd

Occupy Spartanburg is demonstrating on Morgan Square from 5 to 8pm on Monday, July 2nd.

Our group has been small…if you can come show your support for even 15 minutes it would mean so much!  We will hold a General Assembly during the demonstration where you can learn about what your local Occupy has been up to….you may be surprised!  The Working Group has written a resolution to present to County Council encouraging them to support an amendment overturning the Citizens United ruling, which gives corporations unlimited access to buy our elected representatives.  You may have heard of it as “corporations are people.”  There will be a petition coming out soon to gather citizen/voter support to show our council people that their constituents do not want corporations having more influence on our election process than voters.    Spartanburg is not alone in this effort – hundreds of towns, various counties and 6 states  have already passed resolutions like this.  Check out to see for yourselves.  If/when  the issue becomes a potential constitutional amendment, the states will need to see that their citizens support it.
Come to Morgan Square on Monday, July 2nd to learn more and have YOUR voice heard too! Plus, there may be live music!
Thanks for your support!

Working Group opposed to Citizens United

The next Working Group in opposition to Citizens United meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 27 at 6pm at Little River Coffee Bar next to Hub City Bookstore in downtown Spartanburg.  Please come.  And bring a friend.  We know there is support out there for what we are trying to do!!!   I mean, Jackson Mississippi PASSED a resolution similar to ours.  Jackson, MS!  Surely we can do it in Spartanburg, SC too.

Notes from the Working Group opposed to Citizens United 6/11/12

We are ready to present our resolution to the General Assembly.

We discussed doing a petition gathering support for our resolution in three forms (before we present it to our council people – to show them there is support in the community for our resolution):
-online at or somewhere similar
-traditional petition gathering signatures in person
-postcard petition (hand outs in postcard form to sign) so we can have a stack of them to present to our Council people.  Does anyone volunteer to make such a thing and have a printer that can print on heavy paper?
The point of the petition is to show our council people how many people are behind this.  It will be informal.  We will present it as informal.  We just don’t have the resources to confirm that everyone who signs is a registered voter.  For what it’s worth – do ya’ll think it’s worth doing?
We discussed the conference call that had that Cass participated in.  LOTS of great information on the call.  I urge you to look up the next one at and at least listen in!
We discussed outreach to other groups.  Mike will contact the West Spartanburg NAACP about supporting our resolution and being included in the petition.  Mike also agreed to write an op ed piece for the Spartanburg Herald Journal and perhaps the Spartanburg Journal as well.  Is anyone else willing to do the same?  Again, you can find a sample op ed piece on I cannot emphasize enough how many resources there are on that site.
Cass has agreed to draft a petition.
We talked about taking our petition to places like Music On Main, local grocery stores, the Farmer’s Markets, and trying to get local businesses to leave them in their places – like Little River Coffee Bar, locally owned restaurants, oil change places/garages, independent drugstores, churches (Judy could you talk to the UU folks about this?) etc.  Does anyone else have suggestions for where we could leave petitions out for people to sign?
The next Working Group meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 27 at 6pm at Little River Coffee Bar next to Hub City Bookstore in downtown Spartanburg.  Please come.  And bring a friend.  We know there is support out there for what we are trying to do!!!   I mean, Jackson Mississippi PASSED a resolution similar to ours.  Jackson, MS!  Surely we can do it in Spartanburg, SC too.

GA Notes 5 21 12

Occupy Spartanburg General Assembly 5 21 12

– need help with the website – any more volunteers? BJ agreed to pitch in in a couple of weeks
– discussion of where to post GA notes – agreed to post them in usual email form, on facebook pages, and on…unless agreed upon at the GA that parts of meetings are considered to be of a sensitive or personal nature (ie accusation of sexual harrassment – which has not happened, it’s just an example).
– it was agreed that the admin. of one fb page should also be an admin. of the other…”so we’re all on the same page” – ha, sorry, couldn’t help it.
– a man named Anthony found us via online and presented us with lots of documents about alternate engergy. We invited him to the Morgan Square demonstration on June 4 (5 to 8 – please come show your support and solitarity with Occupy! – yeah, couldn’t help that either.)
– Discussion about gun violence – Judy pointed out that our permit from the City of Spartanburg states that no weapons are allowed during our protests. She will send the permit wording along and it will be forwared and posted for all.
– Discussion about perhaps having a safety-specific meeting in the future.
– discussion about the importance of keeping our facebook pages and website content on-topic to Occupy and not personal.
– idea for next protest being about Duke Engergy and nuclear power. Mike mentioned that he’s been certified to educate people (?) on the matter of transporting nuclear waste (?- sorry, my notes are not super clear there!)
– Joel recommended a book called The Art of War by Sun Tzu. He and others say it’s a business model strategy worth reading.
– The next GA is set for 6:15 while we are on Morgan Square Monday, June 4th. Please come and shape Occupy Spartanburg into something we can all be proud of!

Feel free to respond with comments or suggestions! See you on Morgan Square!

Working Group opposed to Citizens United

The next meeting of the OS Working Group in opposition to the Citizens United ruling will be Monday, June 11th at 6pm at Little River Coffee Bar in downtown Spartanburg.  All are welcome.  Meanwhile, check out what others around the country are doing on this subject:

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